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ATG - 368 Plus Induction and ceramic hob

1. Product features:

  • Kitchen from three ATG- 368 Plus Application Smart Inverter technology formidable
  • Booster huge capacity - 3000W with extra large cooking area 26cm
  • Cook smart features Automatic Heat up time
  • Bridge features 2 cooking areas
  • Glass ceramic heat resistant Schott Ceran chamfered - Germany
  • Sliding keyboard control slide, 9 power levels + booster
  • Independent timer for each cooking zone, appointment time up to 1 hours 59 minutes

2. Safety features:

  • Residual heat warning cooking zone Residual heat
  • Child Lock child safety lock
  • Automatically turn off the stove when Automatic switching off to forget
  • Automatically turn off when no pot cooker (stove from) Pot detection
  • AutoShare power (Power management) between 3 kitchens, 7400W max

3. Glass features:

  • Instant monolithic glass, beveled edge, black luxury
  • Surface scratch resistance, high strength
  • Heat resistant up to 1000 ° C, 800 ° C thermal shock to

4. Specifications:

  •  220V / 50Hz
  •  max 7400 (left 3000W / 21cm, between 1850W / 21cm, to 4000W / 26cm)
  •  710x527x60mm
  •  690x507mm



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