ATG - AH 968ME Induction and ceramic hob

1. Product features:

* Use versatile cooker infrared combination of ATG-AH968ME 
* The glass ceramic heat resistant EuroKera chamfered - Germany 
* Heating coils EGO Hi-Light (Germany), o14 / 22cm, integrated selection key ring cook 
* Wheels from automatically recognize the size pots, diameter 22cm / 2700W 
* timer independently for each area to cook, time appointment to 8:00 hours 
* control power / temperature levels 
* Keyboard ultrasensitive when wet hands 
* automatically share capacity between 2 kitchens, 5500W max

2. Safety features:

* Warning residual heat the cooking Residual heat 
* Lock child safety Child lock 
* Automatic turn off the stove when to forget Automatic switching off 
* Automatically turn off the stove when no pot (on the stove from) Pot detection 
* System protection full overheating, overvoltage 
feature glass 
* the instant monolithic glass, beveled edge, black luxury 
* scratch resistant surface, high strength 
* Possibility of up to 1000 ° C heat-resistant, heat to 800 ° C shock resistance

3. Specifications:

  •  220V / 50Hz
  •  max 5500 (left 3000W / 22cm, to 2700W / 22cm)
  •  715x425x60mm
  •  695x405mm



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