ATG-HI 999 Plus Induction and ceramic hob

1. Product features:

- Glass K Eurokera

- Sharpening 4 edges

- Keyboard slide control "slider control" ultra-fast and accurate touch.

- Two 9-level kitchen capacity + booster.

- Green technology "Eco kitchen technology" friendly with environment.

- High quality aluminum aluminum rim.

- Security, stew, grill and frying functions separately.

- Heat the pot bottom area when cooking.

- Silicon plate design with anti-magnetic noise and anti-reflection technology.

- "Dual Core Invecter" inverter technology saves 40% energy.

2. The safety features:

⚠️ Warning cooking zone residual heat, induction against overflow.

? Child safety lock, timer each cooking zone.

? Automatically disconnect when overheating or without pot. Produced by German lines.


Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
Capacity: (left 3000W / 22cm, right 3800W / 26cm)
Size (length x width x height): 730 x 430mm
Hole size: 700 x 400mm

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