ATG - MI 888 PLUS serial 4.0 INDUCTION HOB

1. Product features:

Glasses K Eurokera

Keyboard controller CONTROL Slider sliding electrode sensor, fast and accurate

Two kitchen 9 power levels + booster

 Green Technology 'kitchen Eco technology' environmentally friendly

Sharpening beveled 4 sides

Security Mode, stewed, baked and fried separate functions

Heating according to charge pot Design 'anti-radiation' from cooking

Technology inverter 'Inverter' 40% energy savings

2. The safety features:

Warning residual heat cooking zone, touch surge

Child safety locks, timer each cooking zone

 Automatically lock off when overheat or without pot


Kitchen from the left; 270mm / 3000w, 3800w booster

Kitchen from the right; 220mm / 2500W, 3800w booster

Total capacity ; 6800w

Especially not share power between the two kitchens

Size ; 720.430mm

The size carved stone; 690.400mm



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