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1. Product features:

Kitchen from three ATG - PID368 Plus Application Smart Inverter technology formidable

Booster huge capacity - 3000W with extra large cooking area 26cm

Cook smart features Automatic Heat up time

Bridge features 2 cooking areas

Glass ceramic heat resistant Schott Ceran chamfered - Germany

Sliding keyboard control slide, 9 power levels + booster

Independent timer for each cooking zone, appointment time up to 1 hours 59 minutes

2. Safety features:

Residual heat warning cooking zone Residual heat

Child Lock child safety lock

Automatically turn off the stove when Automatic switching off to forget

Automatically turn off when no pot cooker (stove from) Pot detection

3. Glass features:

Instant monolithic glass, beveled edge, black luxury

Surface scratch resistance, high strength

Heat resistant up to 1000 ° C, 800 ° C thermal shock to

4. Specifications:

 220V / 50Hz

 max 7400 (left 3000W / 21cm, between 1850W / 21cm, to 4000W / 26cm)





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