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1. Product Details :

Independent dishwasher

Energy standard: A +++ Europe

Capacity: 8 sets of dishes

2 compartments

Large LED display screen

Timer 1-24 hours

Child lock

8 washing programs:

Deep wash, pot and pot wash, normal wash, ECO wash, glassware wash, 90 minute wash, 45 minute quick wash and fruit wash, soak mode

Drying with high temperature enhancement and sterilization


Noise level: <45db ultrasonic

Voltage: 220-240V ~ 50Hz

Power consumption: About 0.65Kwh / wash

Maximum water consumption: About 7 liters / wash

Product size: 500R x 550S x 595C



1. Product Features

 Independent or built-in dishwasher.

 European A +++ quality standard.

Storage capacity: 15 sets of dishes.

3 portable compartments + 1 good cutlery (chopsticks basket).

Intelligent lifting tray changes the height between the trays.

Large LED display.

Timer 1 - 24 hours.

Child safety lock.

Varioscan technology - self-sensing electricity, water and power consumption according to the actual number of bowls and dishes to be washed.

There are 8 dishwashing programs:

Automatic washing, intensive washing, general washing, EOC washing, glassware washing, 90 minutes wash, quick wash, soak mode.

There are 4 separate functions.

Dualzone wash: Dual wash function with top and bottom spray nozzle.

Axtra Drying: Intensive drying at a high temperature.

Rower wash: Wash at high temperature and booster time.

Express: Quick wash at low temperature.

2.Technical specifications:

Noise level: <44db super quiet.

Voltage: 220 - 240 V - 50Hz

Power consumption: About 1.0Kwh / wash

The maximum water consumption: About 10 liters / 1 wash

Product size: 598R x 610S x 845C

Dimensions of the cabinet: 645R x 672S x 884C



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