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Hood ATG - 99EU


1. Product Features

  • Deodorize curved glass size 70cm
  • 3-speed touch control key

  • LED lighting (2x2 W)
  • Ultra-durable sealed box motor

  • Two suction fans coated with Teflon

  • Removable 5-layer aluminum alloy mesh filter
  • Off timer function: 15 minutes

  • Material body: High-grade stainless steel 430

  • White glass with heat resistance
  • Automatically notify filter cleaning time (30 hours)
  • Automatically notify the time of changing the activated carbon (300 hours)
  • Air filter feature
  • Option: activated carbon filter


2. Technical Specifications

  • Engine power: 170w
  • Suction capacity: 1300 -1400m3 / h
  • Noise level <35db
  • ATG - 99EU
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